FIG British Championships

11-16 Women's Pairs

Kara Laird and Rebecca Stewart finished in 12th position with scores of 23.85 (balance) and 24.70 (dynamic)

11-16 Women's Groups

Taylor Wilson, Becca Selkrik and Beth McCulloch finished in 14th position with scores of 26.55 (balance) and 24.25 (dynamic)

Katriona Norman, Nicole Stevenson and Niamh Burns finished in 18th position with scores of 25.80 (balance) and 24.65 (dynamic)

Georgia Haroun, Rachel McCormick and Catriona Mitchell finished in 23rd position with scores of 25.70 (balance) and 22.85 (dynamic)

12-18 Women's Groups

Rachel Parr, Hannah Murphy and Courtney Crawford finished in 3rd positions with scores of 26.10 (balance), 25.75 (dynamic) and 25.80 (combined)