Acrobay Awards 2016


Gymnast’s Gymnast –   1st -   Deanna Canny-Armitt and Taylor Wilson

                                           2nd – Eilidh Park, Jasmine Parris and Rebecca  Stewart

                                           3rd – Grace Crawford, Jaymi Neilson, Chloe Rowlands &   Emma Tait

Head Coaches Award –         Chloe Rowlands

Most Dedicated Gymnast – Mica Fraser

Outstanding Achievement –FIG British Championships Team 2016

Best Group –                           Sunday Recreational Classes

Coach of the Year –               Hannah Murphy and Rachel McCormick

Shining Star –                         Dylan Morrison

Fighting Spirit -                      Eve Ormiston

Services to Gymnastics -     Primrose Lane Workies, Groundforce Team and Fundraising Team


Pre-school/Stacey and Nicole’s Minis

Bravest Gymnast –            Charlotte Ballantyne and Luke Broadbent

Most Improved –               Ava Curtis and Maddison Ferrier

Hardest Worker –              Fallon Farrell and Kyla Morrison

Georgia and Nicky’s P2’s

Bravest Gymnast –            Grace Cunningham, Amity Daglish and Maisie McNicoll

Most Improved –               Eva Fraser and Emma Stollery

Hardest Worker –              Evie Simrick and Malin Begg

NDP Prep Group

Bravest Gymnast –            Alfie Daglish

Most Improved –               Caitlin Allen and Abbie McClean

Hardest Worker –              Emma Tait

FIG Prep Group

Bravest Gymnast –            Dylan Morrison 

Most Improved –               Lucy Winch

Hardest Worker –              Clara Davidson


NDP Senior Group

Bravest Gymnast –            Jasmine Parris

Most Improved –               Ava-Violet Daglish

Hardest Worker –              Amy Byrne

FIG Development Group (Neil)

Bravest Gymnast –            Nicole Paltiel

Most Improved –               Chloe Chadha

Hardest Worker –              Kirsty Cochrane and Melissa Parris

FIG Development Group (Maria)

Bravest Gymnast –            Caitlin Mitchell

Most Improved –               Kayla Ballatyne

Hardest Worker –              Grace Crawford

FIG Senior Group

Bravest Gymnast –            Ailidh Forbes

Most Improved –               Deanna Canny-Armitt

Hardest Worker –              Rebecca Stewar

                                               Reccy Class 1                                  Reccy Class 2

Bravest Gymnast –            Jessica Keyte                                    Bethany Woodburn

Most Improved –               Jasmin Belford                                Caoimhin Hutton

Hardest Worker –              Jenna Mason                                   Chloe Bishop